How do I book a meeting room?

Step 1

Open a meeting request in your personal Outlook.
In the 'To:'/'To' bar, you can invite colleagues or external persons. In the bar 'Subject'/'Subject', type what is applicable.


Step 2

Via the button 'Rooms' (see screenshot) you can find the overview of all rooms.
Select your choice by clicking on the 'Rooms ->' or 'Spaces ->' button at the bottom of the list.


Step 3

The meeting room will be invited as soon as you click 'Send'.
If the room is available, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.
If the room is already booked, you will receive a rejection and can look for another room.

If you would like an overview of the availability, you can add the rooms to your favourites.
To do so, go to the 'Agenda' or 'Calender' tab. Click on the button 'Open Calendar'.
Via the 'Room list' you can add the rooms to the overview in your Outlook.

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