How to invite a visitor?

The visitor can be invited to a meeting in advance. He no longer has to go through all the steps manually on the iPad, which is located at the reception desk. Only the QR code (included in the invitation e-mail) and a signature are sufficient!

Inviting someone for a visit can be done in 2 ways:

Via the dashboard on the web page
Via the mobile application (downloadable from the App Store/Google Play Store)

Via the dashboard on the web page

Go to and log in.

Then click on the dashboard on the red arrow next to 'visitors' or click on 'Visitors' on the side.

Click on 'invitations', 'new invitation' and fill in the requested information.

The visitor will then receive the following email with a QR code that needs to be scanned on the iPad. All fields are already filled in and the visitor only has to sign.

Via the mobile application

Download the mobile app on your Android or IOS device and register for the first time.
On the home screen, click on the small plus sign at the bottom.

Then click on "Add Visitor" and fill out the requested information. You can then send the invitation to the visitor. A message indicating that a visitor is expected appears on the welcome screen.

Below you will find the other steps of the visitor registration process:

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